Study the Network Overview

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More than 90% of USN’s students are economically disadvantaged, but they have consistently outperformed their peers in more affluent schools.  Participants in the one-day Study the Network workshop experience how USN schools work to close the achievement gap and put their students on a college prep path.


Who Should Attend?

The Study the Network™ workshop is designed for leadership teams who are responsible for the organization and success of public charter schools, traditional public schools, and private schools that serve a high-poverty student population. USN schools serve students in grades K-8, but because many students are below grade level upon enrollment and the goal is to send students to college prep high schools, educators working in elementary, middle, and high schools will benefit.


This workshop is not limited to people with formal leadership roles; teachers who play a critical role in curriculum planning, lesson delivery, school & classroom procedures, school culture, or hiring & training of staff are encouraged to participate. We believe the most powerful professional learning occurs when teams of educators from the same school building build capacity together to lead and implement the Study the Network™ techniques.


Participants will study...

  • the purposeful practices of a USN school in five essential areas including curriculum planning, lesson delivery, school and classroom procedures, school culture, and human capital management;

  • the backwards planning framework used by USN teachers to develop curriculum;

  • the gradual release method of instruction used by USN teachers to deliver lessons;

  • key components of USN’s school culture and classroom management systems;

  • key components of USN’s hiring and on-boarding systems.


Participants will analyze...

  • videos of efficient school and classroom systems and procedures that increase learning time;

  • interviews of school leaders and teachers discussing their approach to building a high-achieving, high-poverty school;

  • observations of USN classrooms and common areas, including live lessons.


Participants will receive...

  • the Study the Network™ presentation slides, leader materials, and participant workbook;

  • Study the Network™ videos including a description of each video and talking points that can be used in training at their own school;

  • USN’s Overview & Operations Manual which provides the blueprint for the efficient school and classroom systems and procedures observed and discussed during the workshop;

  • excerpts from USN’s Culture Manual and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Manual covered during the workshop;

  • USN’s Summer Institute training schedule;

  • a number of USN’s practical school and classroom artifacts including

    • School artifacts: sample mission-aligned job description and interview questions

    • Classroom artifacts: homework check sheet, lesson packet, STRIVE paycheck, and dollar & deduction sheet.