Purposeful Culture™

SPI Classroom

Building a positive, joyous school culture enables rigorous and engaging learning to thrive. The Purposeful Culture™ workshop equips leadership teams to be the drivers of change in their own schools.


Who Should Attend:

The Purposeful Culture™ workshop is designed for leadership teams who are responsible for creating a safe and supportive environment in public charter schools, traditional public schools, and private schools that serve a high-poverty student population. United Schools Network serves students in grades K-8, but high school leadership teams are encouraged to participate as well.

The workshop is not limited to people with formal leadership roles; teachers who play a critical role in any of the following should attend:

  • the design and installation of purposeful student culture systems to maximize learning time.

  • the design and installation of purposeful school and classroom systems & procedures.



Key Idea

School culture experts draw a direct line between a supportive environment and student learning.⁴


Through an intensive study of the culture and management systems at the United Schools Network (USN), participants learn how to design a highly structured and supportive environment. You will leave the Purposeful Culture workshop with the knowledge and tools needed to design and execute a school culture system that allows students to learn and teachers to teach.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Implement the five keys outlined in Purposeful Culture
  • Create a shared language for school-based culture systems.
  • Design key culture systems that facilitate a supportive environment.
  • Lead effective practice with their staff.
  • Codify and continuously improve culture systems.

You will receive:

  • USN’s Culture Manual;
  • The Purposeful Culture videos including the description of each video and talking points that can be used in training at your own school;
  • The forms that accompany each culture system;
  • USN’s Culture Camp schedule for student orientation;
  • The presentation slides and leader materials for the Purposeful Culture workshop;
  • The Purposeful Culture workbook that accompanies the workshop.



4: Pianta, R.C. and others.  “Opportunities to Learn in America’s Elementary Schools.”  Science, 2007, 315, 1795-1796.