What is Study the Network?

Experience how one network of urban schools closes the achievement gap today. Learn how to improve your own school performance tomorrow.

Live Learning Environment

Intentional Schedule

Practical Videos

Focused Activities

Time for  Reflection


“I reached out to John with a host of questions and concerns I had involving my total school design plan. His advice led to me making critical choices about how to successfully open my school. Then, I traveled down to Columbus Collegiate Academy for a day-long visit with Mr. Dues and his staff. He opened his school to our group and again fielded a range of questions that we had dealing with teacher observation and evaluation, scheduling, and curriculum development. Without a doubt, this was a critical visit and provided me with a great deal of guidance and information.”

–Chris O’Brien, Breakthrough Schools Principal


Program Overview

This is not your typical workshop. Study the Network™ is an immersive experience that engages participants in a live learning environment, combining classroom observations, practical videos, focused activities, time for reflection and discussion, and inside access to our network of high-performing, public charter schools.


The Study the Network™ day will be spent observing in a school with strong culture, ambitious instruction, and efficient school operations. The intentional schedule, small group size, and access to teachers and school leaders during the visit will give participants direct exposure to the ingredients necessary to run a high-performing, high-poverty school. Observations will be discussed and thin-sliced to support participants in identifying the key levers that can be utilized to drive improvement at their own schools.

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Why our network of schools?

90% of USN students are economically disadvantaged and yet...


The Study the Network™ workshop is offered through a partnership between the School Performance Institute and the four schools that make up the United Schools Network.