Purposeful People™


Selecting and training the right people for your school may be the most important work that you do as a leader. The one-day Purposeful People™ workshop equips leadership teams to be the drivers of change in their own schools.


Who Should Attend:

The Purposeful People™ workshop is designed for leadership teams who are responsible for recruiting, selecting, hiring, and training teachers in public charter schools, traditional public schools, and private schools that serve a high-poverty student population. United Schools Network serves students in grades K-8, but high school leadership teams are encouraged to participate as well.


The workshop is not limited to people with formal leadership roles; teachers who play a critical role in any of the following should attend:

  • recruiting high-quality teachers;

  • selecting and hiring high-quality teachers;

  • training teachers.


Key Idea

Selecting and training the right people for your school may be the most important work that you do as a school leader. In fact, up to 25% of a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom depends on “fit” with their school.⁷ All told, human capital accounts for nearly 60% of a school’s impact on student achievement (33% teacher impact and 25% principal impact).⁸ Yet, schools usually retain high performing and low performing teachers at strikingly similar rates, with about half leaving within the first five years.⁹


Through an intensive study of the recruitment, selection, hiring, and onboarding processes at the United Schools Network (USN), participants learn how to design a human capital system focused on attracting, training, and retaining mission-aligned staff. You will leave the Purposeful People workshop with the knowledge and tools needed to design and execute a human capital management system that selects and trains the people you need to produce student outcomes.


  • Study the art and science of a mission-aligned human capital system.
  • Practice evaluating applicant materials and interviews.
  • Review USN’s Summer Institute schedule for training teachers new to the network.

You will receive:

  • USN’s Human Capital Manual;
  • The forms that accompany each stage of USN’s human capital process;
  • USN’s Summer Institute schedule for teacher training;
  • The presentation slides and leader materials for the Purposeful People™ workshop;
  • The Purposeful People workbook that accompanies the workshop.

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