5 How-to Manuals Every School Needs

One of the smartest moves we made when we launched Columbus Collegiate Academy (CCA) in 2008 was to write internal (“how-to”) training manuals in five key areas. Full disclosure- we picked areas where it seemed intuitively prudent to write down and train people in our best practices. It turns out that the five areas we picked were well-aligned to school improvement research.

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John A. Dues
What are the Essential Ingredients for School Improvement?

The good news is that there are just five ingredients necessary for school improvement.  And, even better, the five ingredients are not rocket science. The bad news is that these ingredients aren’t easy to put in place, and are even harder to sustain.  This is especially true in high-poverty schools.

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Have you seen a high-performing, high-poverty school in action?

Like most people working in high-poverty schools, I had never seen a high-performing school serving similar students in action. Think about that for a moment. In the vast majority of struggling schools, it is unlikely the people that work there have ever experienced organizational-level success.

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